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Brazilian Hot Oil Massage "A hot exotic experience"

Brazilian Hot Oil Massage at Bali Hai Phuket

Bali Hai Spa is pleased to offer you a Brazilian Hot Oil Massage using the finest aromatic oils heated to a perfect temperature and then slowly dripped over your body allowing the heat of the oil to awaken your body senses as it warms and caresses your skin.

Our therapists use the Swedish massage technique effleurage, consisting of smooth gliding strokes with their palms, thumbs, and fingertips relaxing your muscles while stimulating your skin and nervous system. Brazilian Hot Oil Massage reduces stress, both emotional and physical, and feels wonderful.

Manaus Brazil , 1,450 kilometres or 900 miles up the Amazon River inland from the Atlantic Ocean , was once the centre of the universe for commerce and finance.

During the early 1900’s rubber was king and Manaus Brazil was the richest source for it. Manaus boasted the finest opera house in the world. The rich rubber barons sent their laundry to Portugal for cleaning. And for relaxation the sensually indulgent enjoyed the finest massage treatments available anywhere in the world at the time.

Considered highly therapeutic, as well as delightfully stimulating, palm oil was heated and then slowly dripped over their bodies to soothe weary muscles or simply to relax and pamper their hedonistic souls. The poor rubber plantation laborers also used the same oil heated and applied to their aching bodies after toiling in the rubber plantations daily for 14 hours.

Enjoy a Brazilian Capirinha after the massage at our bar, or perhaps before.



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