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Cuban Cream Massage

Cuban Cream Massage at Bali Hai Patong Phuket

Bali Hai Phuket offers the Cuban Cream massage made from the finest vitamin E cream enhanced with rich milk and a drop of Bali Hai's finest essential oil. It is naturally fragranced with an exotic scent considered to be the most sensual aphrodisiac.  It is a soft caressing massage, with supple hands moving tenderly over your body revitalizing, relaxing yet exciting your senses all at the same time.

History  of Cuban Cream Massage:

Cuba, home of the finest hand rolled cigars.
Montecristo's, possibly the finest cigar in the world, are lovingly hand rolled by only the most experienced rollers while listening to the tales of distant lands by readers cultivating their minds, while their fingers create an art of their own.

After 12 hours of rolling the rollers need relief for their fingers and their bodies. With a wage equal to US$1 a day, they could only afford what was readily available yet the most therapeutic. Milk mixed with a drop of palm oil was used to massage their precious fingers and hands while their boyfriends or girlfriends would lovingly massage the rest of their bodies with this richly sensual mixture.

Indulge yourself and enjoy Bali Hai's Cuban Cream Massage, perhaps with an Oreo cookie.


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